Bergerac organic wine

Bergerac organic wine

The Bergerac wine-growing region is located in the Dordogne department, whose name goes back to the Dordogne river, which rises in the Massif Central and flows into the Gironde near Bordeaux. 




The climate can be described as mild, it favors all agricultural activities and cultures such as viticulture in Bergerac with its 12,000 hectares of vineyards. For gourmets, the famous truffles from nearby Perigord and other noble mushrooms from the holm oak forests, as well as numerous regional cuisine specialties, are worth a trip there.

The cultivated grape varieties in both regions are almost identical. In a blind tasting of equivalent wines from Bordeaux and Bergerac, few would notice a difference.


Appellations for the Bergerac wine-growing region

  • Bergerac AOP
  • Côtes de Bergerac AOC, in practice only differs from Bergerac AOP by 5 hl/ha lower harvest quantities)
  • Local appellations based on special origins with their own characteristics and small areas:
  • Montravel (white and red wine)
  • Côtes de Montravel (white and red wine)
  • Haut Montravel (white dessert wine)
  • Pécharmant (red wine)
  • Rosette (white dessert wine)
  • Soussignac (white dessert wine)
  • Monbazillac (white dessert wine)

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