Château la Croix Taillefer

Château la Croix Taillefer

Romain Rivière is the winemaker and owner of the Château La Croix Taillefer in the renowned Pomerol appellation.


He also owns vineyards in the neighboring Lalande de Pomerol region, which are offered as Château Vieux Rivière.




In addition, there are a few hectares of vine in the Bordeaux Superieur appellation, each with an attractive red and white wine to round off the range and can be found in our selection under the name Château Moulin du Sud.

Despite these diverse vineyard locations, it is a relatively small wine-growing business that is managed organically and in which individual organic wine is produced.



Vineyard of Château La Croix Teillefer


Romain Rivière has recognized that nowadays only a few people have wine cellars that are suitable for the storage and maturation of wines in bottles. As a result, it makes little sense to produce Bordeaux wines that you can only drink after 15-20 years. However, this does not mean that you have to drink your red wines immediately, you should let them rest for 2-3 years.



Château La Croix Taillefer - fermentation and maturation tanks in the wine cellea of Château La Croic Taillefer


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This is how he shapes his own style, which follows his conviction that wine can only be as good as the grapes used for it. As a result, the vineyards and the vines are carefully observed all year round and treated and cared for with the utmost care. Logically, this effort continues with the manual wine harvest. Then they are carefully sorted on a sorting table by 4 employees. The grapes' own yeasts are used to ferment the mash. This process is gentle and takes a lot of time, as does the expansion and maturation of this organic wine in barriques. This creates natural enzymes that not only create more intense and complex aromas, but also stabilize the wine and let it age well. Romain Rivière takes nothing from his wines and adds only a small dose of sulfites in the end.



Barrel for the maturation and refining of the organic Pomerol wines of Château La Croix Taillefer




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