Château Beau Rivage

Château Beau Rivage

The vineyards of the Château Beau Rivage are located in the heart of the Médoc

In the parishes of Ludon and Macau. This includes 8 hectares of vineyards on clay soil, which is planted with the grape varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Malbec.

These vines now (2020) have an average age of 39 years. Their yield is limited to 40 hl per hectare in order to produce fine, rich organic wines with a wide range of aromas.



When walking along the banks of the Garonne, one cannot miss the Château Beau Rivage, built of white stone. Its history is untypical in that the wines of the Château Beau Rivage come from the Medoc, but have to be declared as Bordeaux Supérieur due to a territorial reform carried out in 1930.

The reason for this decision may have been the different types of soil in the vineyard. As usual in the Medoc, it does not consist mainly of sand and gravel, but of nutrient-rich, loamy soil. This of course influences the character of the wines. They are therefore no worse or better than those of their neighbors, but different. Maybe a little richer, softer, less strict, with more moderate tannin content, maybe just more feminine?



Château Beau Rivage - organic wine estate in Medoc - Bordeaux


In addition to the Château Beau Rivage, Christine Nadalie owns a few hectares of vines, from whose grapes she produces an excellent Medoc. She calls the organic wine from this location Clos la Boheme.

These organic wines mature for 12 to 24 months in barriques that are made in Christine Nadalié's own cooperage - the winemaker. So she is sure that her barriques made from the best oak are available.



Château Beau Rivage, barriques from her own production

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