Château Moulin à Vent organic wine, Moulis en Médoc organic wine rouge

Château Moulin à Vent organic wine, Moulis en Médoc organic wine rouge


The Château Moulin à Vent in Moulis en Médoc is an organic winery with 22 hectares of vineyards north of Margaux on the best terroir suitable for producing high-quality Médoc AOP wines.




Unique in the Médoc, the team is 100% feminine: Queen, the Technical Manager, Florence the Administrative Manager and Pilar Jimenez, Winemaker working for the Château Moulin à Vent with a maternal focus.

The vineyard of this property has more than two centuries of existence, its chartreuse dates from the early nineteenth century and its winery was built in 1873.

The terroir is a concentrate of the Médoc wine: gravel Garonne and serious Pyrenean rest on a clay-limestone substrate, promoting a long and consistent maturation of Merlots and Cabernets Francs. This arrangement favors the expression of powerful, elegant and racy organic wines.



Concrete tanks for fermentation ans barriques for agind and refining the organic wines


Moulis is the smallest appellation of Médoc. Located west of most of the Médoc appellations, its “continental” vineyard makes Moulis the oldest of the Médoc vineyards.

The Moulis en Médoc AOP covers an area of 600 Ha of vines in a stripe of land that is 12 km long and 2 km large, located between Margaux and Saint-Julien.

The 22 Ha vineyards of Château Moulin à Vent consist of clay clay and limestone soil mixed with Garonne and Pyrenean gravel. They are planted with Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc with a density of 6.666 vines/ha.

The vineyards are managed organically and the grapes are picked by hand.

We make virtue the cornerstone of our practices:

  • Guaranteeing secure and fulfilling working conditions for its employees.
  • Philanthropic and caring in our engagements with our colleagues, our neighborhood and consumers.
  • Protectors of ecosystems and their balances.
  • Promoters of biodiversity and natural symbioses.
  • Heirs to a land and keen to improve it for generations to come.
  • Enthusiastic pioneers of simplified cultivation techniques and new technologies promoting less hardship at work, perfect traceability and the harmlessness of our interventions on the environment.
  • Producers confident in the future, demanding, attentive to consumers and their needs.
  • Inspired by the principles of organic and biodynamic agriculture with the pragmatic moderation of peasant common sense.
  • Proud of agricultural practices which are known to be better paid, more technical and which promote team stability.
  • Legatees of an agricultural practice which has shaped our culture which it is up to us to pass on.
  • Solidarity with the community of winegrowers, member of different movements, groups, councils, cooperatives and unions.
  • Making organic and biodynamic the standard of tomorrow: healthy, responsible and confident in the future.
  • Become the spearhead of organic and biodynamic wine producers in Bordeaux.

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