Organic wine Rioja & Navarra

Organic wine Rioja & Navarra

Bodegas Bagordi, the building of the winery in which the wine press and cellar facilities are located, is situated on land belonging to the Navarre region. Since the vineyards of Bodegas Bagordi are located on the Rioja municipalities, the grapes become organic Rioja wines, which are highly recommended.

The neighboring wine-growing region of Navarre has similarly favorable geological and climatic conditions for viticulture or for the production of good organic wines. The mountain range of the Pyrenees protects the areas from too cold winds from the north.

Vinos Cartán is a very small winery that supplies us with very beautiful, handcrafted organic wines from Navarra. It supplies us with two very good and characterful, red organic wines from Navarre.

Both quality winegrowing regions have the geographical designation of origin DO or DOCa Rioja or Navarra in the north of Spain.

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Bodegas Bagordi Rioja Crianza Navardia, pure organic wine, red, from € 14,00

Product no.: 2007

Not all Rioja Crianzas are of such high quality as this Navardia Rioja Crianca organic wine. Order now from us!

14.50 / bottle(s) *
1 l = 19.33 €
In stock
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Vinos Cartan Navarra DO, organic wine pure, red, from € 9,00

Product no.: 2010

Extraordinarily intense, powerful and youthful wine from Navarra with a very favorable price / quality ratio! Order now.

9.50 / bottle(s) *
1 l = 12.67 €
In stock
Delivery period 1 bis 2 days
Delivery weight: 1.4 kg

Navardia Rioja Bodegas Bagordi, organic wine, red, from € 7,70

Product no.: 2003

Rioja, the most famous wine region of Spain, offers affordable enjoyment with the high-quality red Rioja Navardia organic wine. Buy now!

8.20 / bottle(s) *
1 l = 10.93 €
In stock
Delivery period 1 bis 2 days
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