Château Grillon biodynamique wine

Château Grillon biodynamique wine


The Château Grillon was built in the 18th century Barsac was founded and is located on the plateau and therefore at the highest point in the town. The small town of Sauternes in the immediate vicinity is the namesake of this unique, noble, sweet white wine, which is produced on approx. 2,200 hectares of vineyards.




The prerequisite for producing Sauterne wines are grapes that are infected with Botrytis Cinerea (grey mold), which is actually referred to as a vine disease. This fungus arises here particularly reliably in autumn when a river with warm water meets and another river with cold water. As a result, moist fog forms in the nearby vineyards when temperatures are mild. This Botrytis Cinerea fungus perforates the skin of the grape berries, causing liquid to evaporate and the sugar content of the berries to increase in relation to the acid, because the fungus feeds on the acid and reduces it in this way. Grapes infected with botrytis may not look very appetizing, but the end product is a delicacy that can costs several hundred euros per 0.75 liter bottle, depending on the vintage and château.



Château Grillon, barriques aging room


Although at the Château Grillon many generations of winemakers have worked on the perfect way to produce this unique wine. After having experimented and refined it, it is not possible to create it without the perfect external conditions. It is the vine-yards in the upper altitudes, 200 m from the River Ciron, a tributary of the Garonne, that have the perfect geological condition with limestone soil best suited and therefore able to offer great Sauternes at an affordable price. The Château Grillon is not classified.

The prices for Sauternes wines depend primarily on the classification within the appellation from 1855:

  • Premier Cru Supérieur (1 Château)
  • Premier Cru Classé (11 Château)
  • Deuxième Cru Classé (15 Château)

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