Organic wine pure tasting subscription with 10 % price reduction

Organic wine pure tasting subscription with 10 % price reduction

There are many reasons to order our organic wine tasting subscription


  • The organic wines delivered as a subscription are always available with a 10% discount compared to the list price.

  • You can choose between 2 different price categories and subscribe to any number of packages.

  • The organic and biodynamic wines are shipped twice a year, in mid-April and mid-October.

  • Each subscription contains 6 bottles - in October mostly organic red wines and in April also organic white wines and organic rose wines.

  • The shipping costs depend on destinatiion, please see shipping.

  • Payment: Pre - Transfer to our bank account by (we recommend to use the system SEPA). The order will be shipped immediately after receipt of payment..

  • PayPal, safe, easy, fast. If you are registered with PayPal with an account that covers the amount you intend to pay for your order, it is a quick and easy method of transferring money free of charges. The dispatch of your order follows immediately after the confirmation of Paypal has arrived.

  • Credit Card through PayPal Plus At the conclusion of your ordering process, click on PayPal. If you don't have an account with PayPal, You can pay the invoice amount to PayPal by credit card! (VISA, MASTER) PayPal transfers your payment immediately to Biowein[pur] Hartl and your order will be processed immediately. This payment method is safe and free of charges for you!

    The wines included in the subscriptions with the applicable prices are displayed in our web shop under "Organic wine tasting subscription" approx. 14 days before the dispatch date.

  • Please order by e-Mail:


ein SternOrganic wine tasting subscription "Standard" at a price from
                  €  70.00 to € 85.00


zwei Sterne Organic wine tasting subscription "de Luxe" at a price from
 € 100.00 to € 120.00


The trial subscription is valid for at least one year and is automatically renewed, after which it can be canceled at any time without notice.



1st   Organic wine tasting subscription "Standard"
    next delivery Octber 13/14, 2022




  • Lagravera, Laltre Costers del Segre DO, red,                        €    8,35
  • Château Rioublanc, Cuvée Edouard, Bordeaux AOC, red,    €  11,50
  • Torre alle Tolfe Chianti Colli Senesi DOCG, red                     € 13,80
  • Dominio de Verderrubi Pita, Rueda DO, Tempranillo, red,      € 13,95
  • Courelas da Torre, Alentejo DO, red,                                      €  12,50
  • La Baratta, Chardonnay Venezia DOC, white,                        €   8,95
  • price regular                                                                           €  69,05
  • less 10 % discount                                                                  €   6,05
  • final price                                                                               €  63,45
  • If you are not yet a subscriber, please order now by email:



2st Organic wine tasting subscription "de Luxe"
next delivery October 13/14, 2022




  • Solà Classic Mas Hereu, Priorat DOQ, Solà, red,          €  20,90

  • Château La Vivonne, Côtes de Provence, AOP, red,     €  17,45

  • Château La Vivonne, Côtes de Provence AOP, white,   €  17,95

  • Herdade dos Outeiros Altos, Reserva, Alentjo, DO, red € 19,50

  • Lagravera, Costers del Segre DO CÍCLIC red               €  24,30

  • Château La Dorgonne rot, Luberon AOP red                 €  14,90

  • regular price                                                                   € 115,00

  • less 10 % discount                                                         €   11,50

  • final amount                                                                  € 103,50

  • If you are not yet a subscriber, please order now by email:


The offer is subject to short-term article and price changes