About Biowein [pur]

About Biowein [pur]

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In 1983 we became Germany's first importer and distributor of organic wine and biodynamic wine.
Long before that, wine was a passion for me, both privately and professionally, I worked in top international gastronomy for a long time. The more I / we dealt with the subject of wine, the more fascinating, sensible and sensible it seemed to us to rely on organic wine.

With my rural origins, I didn't like what happened in conventional vineyards and wine cellars. We, my and wife Ursula and I, no longer wanted to drink the wines produced there and they did not fit in with our environmental awareness.

In the trade in good, honestly produced organic wines, we saw the possibility of making conscious wine drinkers happy and at the same time making a contribution to environmental protection. We wanted to be knowledgeable intermediaries between producers and our customers. Who has the opportunity to make others happy professionally and who has the freedom and the will to deal fairly with suppliers and customers alike? We are trying to combine commerce and morality in our actions instead of optimizing profits at the expense of others?

We differ from others by

  • only selling organic and biodynamic wines and no conventionally produced wines.
  • not offering so-called branded wines of unknown origin.
  • only buying and selling estate bottled wines.
  • having stopped importing wines long ago from overseas - Argentina, Australia, Chile, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA in favor of environmental protection, we forego this turnover.
  • knowing every organic winery, the location and condition of the vineyards (with a few exceptions due to Corona), the working conditions and the social situation of the employees and the winegrowing families.
  • tasting and describe each of our wines as factually and objectively as possible.
  • assessing the value of an organic wine based on the following facts: property costs. Investment in buildings, machines, etc., location of the vineyards, number of vines / ha, harvest volume / ha, number of employees, personnel costs and the quality of the wines.
  • maintaining our initial enthusiasm for organic wine over the years.

If you share this attitude, and if it is important to you to know where and by whom our organic wines are produced and bottled, we can be your perfect supplier of pure organic wines.



Ps. on July 1, 2022 we handed over our company Biowein [pur] Hartl to Michael Groh, a wine dealer in Fürstenfeldbruck, with whom we had already cooperated a few years earlier in the field of wine purchasing and transport.


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