About Biowein [pur]

About Biowein [pur]

Back to the roots

Today I am aware of why our potato crop always was less than that of our neighbors who also delivered more milk to the dairy, although they had no major potato field and no more cows in the barn then we. As a child I doubted the ability of my grandfather and father as farmers who did not follow the trend of "modern agriculture".

The value of their philosophy and work, I could not recognize at the time and decided very early for a training as a chef and hotel manager. It was followed by several years in luxury hotels and restaurants in Sweden, England, the Bahamas and in France. During this time I developed a keen interest in wine. At the same time I realized in the daily handling of food, the negative impact of industrial food production (farming with the use of toxic chemicals in barns, fields, and vigne-yards) on the quality of products. The visible and tangible luxury in my working environment with famous guests from politics, industry and show business impressed me at first, but soon it appeared to me as superficial deception and no longer met my expectation of life and work.

So back to basics (almost) was our - in the meantime I was married - common decision. We did not become vintners, but in 1983 Germany's first importer and distributor of organic wines. Anyone familiar with the large quantities of toxic chemicals that are applied in conventional viticulture, and who knows how wines are manipulated in the cellar, does not like to drink them anymore. We did not even want to sell them. But also our increasing environmental awareness played a big role.

Numerous trips to wine regions, where we visited wineries, toured the vineyards, had conversations with winemakers. We joined and cooperated in winemaking, which enhanced our wine-horizon. Direct contact with our producers is important for us in order to work as a reliable intermediary between them and our customers. We buy only there, where the vineyards are as much as possible in ecologically intact and natural environment, isolated and large enough to avoid the drift of chemicals of conventional working neighbors, which would affect the purity [pure] of our organic wines. Only if you know the local conditions, the way a winemaker operates the vineyard, the harvest volumes and the way of winemaking, one can judge the quality and the price of a wine.

If you share this attitude, and if it is important to you to know where and by whom our organic wines are produced and bottled, we can be your perfect supplier of pure organic wines.