Quinta da Caldeirinha - organic wines from Portugal

Quinta da Caldeirinha - organic wines from Portugal

La Quinta da Caldeirinha is located in the municipality of Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, in northeastern Portugal, near the border with Spain

The vineyards and olive groves are located at an altitude of 650 meters in the middle of the DOURO International Natural Park, in the Denominación Beira Interior.

The option to grow organic wine dates back to the tradition of the Roda family, which has existed for generations, of producing and consuming only naturally produced food and wine.


This is how the grandmother of today's winegrowers tells the story of Quinta da Caldeirinha

La Quinta da Caldeirinha dates back to the time of my ancestors, to the time of my grandmother and my grandfather. My father and mother also continue to work, they both liked the farm very much.

Later, when my parents died, I offered my children to sell the property or renovate it. We have agreed to keep this farm which has given us for generations what we need to live and to prepare it for the future.




The buildings including the wine cellar had to be renovated and renewed. We had a vineyard with very old vines, which is still the basis of our best wine today, but we also had to plant new vines. The option was to renovate the farm and create new plantations with different grape varieties.




It continues like this and I am happy about it, even if today I am no longer actively involved. I am also happy that one of my granddaughters is showing great interest in Quinta da Caldeirinha.











part of the wine processing unit                                                                         the Roda familly



There was only a small step between our previous way of working and organic viticulture, which we have been practicing since 2001. The old Portuguese grape varieties grown on Quinta da Caldeirinha, which are a legacy of our Moorish past and are perfectly suited to our climate with very hot summers and very cold winters. But Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah also thrive here and make it easier for us to access international markets.

In addition to organic wine, Quinta da Caldeirinha also produces excellent organic olive oil and organic almonds.

Why did we choose organic farming?

For us, it was and is not just a work perspective, but a way of life, which is why I was very attached to it during the decision-making phase.

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