Organic wines from Chablis

Organic wines from Chablis

The Chablis wine-growing region is grouped around the town of the same name, Chablis, and some neighboring communities. It is divided into vineyard locations that determine the quality of the wines as well as their prices.

In fact, the soil consists of shell limestone many millions of years old, which is uniquely well suited to planting Chardonnay vines and producing one of the world's best white wines.

However, if the weather in this northern wine-growing region does not play along with frost in spring, humid heat in summer, early and long-lasting rain in autumn, good wines cannot be produced here either. So it's worth paying attention to the vintage here.

The hierarchy of Chablis wines:

  • Petit Chablis, the grapes for it come from vineyards that are mostly located in the valleys and flat areas around Chablis. Here the soils are darker with less shell limestone. Price €15 to €20.
  • Chablis is made from grapes that grow on light slopes and medium altitude with lighter soils. Price €20-€40
  • Chablis Premier Cru, assigned with exact site names such as Mont de Milieu, Montée de Tonnerre, Fourchaume, Vaillons, Montmains, Côte de Léchet, Beauroy with Troesmes, Vau Ligneau, Vau de Vey, Vaucoupin, Vosgros, Les Fourneaux, Côte de Vaubarousse, Berdiot , Chaume de Talvat, Cote de Jouan, Les Beauregards. Price from €40 to €80.
  • Chablis Grand Cru. Of the almost 5,000 hectares of vineyards in the Chablis appellation, only 100 hectares bear this noble designation. They are Les Clos, Valmur, Vaudésir, Les Preuses, Les Grenouilles, Blanchot and Bougros. Prices up to €300/bottle.


Chablis wine region (in brown Premier Cru vineyards)