Emporda DO Mas Estela Rucada red, organic wine, from € 12.90

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Emporda DO, Mas Estela, Rucada, red, organic wine, 2017, from € 12.90


The grapes grow in a small valley that captures the sun's rays throughout the day, which are stored by the shale soil. It is a few kilometers from the Mediterranean and therefore the Emporda DO Mas Estela Rucada red can be described as very typical Mediterranean organic wine.


Organic wine - profile

  • Color: dark and dense ruby red
  • Nose: intense aromas of red and black berries, cocoa, raisins and subtle sweetish spices (vanilla, anise, cinnamon).
  • Mouth: Enormously powerful, with a high content of minerals, very sympathetic and warm in the mouth. The supposedly high alcohol content of 15% Vol. Is perfectly integrated in this Mediterranean wine and neither in the smell nor taste noticeable.
  • Drinking recommendation: Enjoy this Rucada, the vineyard from which you can see the Mediterranean Sea, at 16 ° C. We have no experience for this wine in terms of its storability, but we assume by its quality that it is 6 Years from crop year can. This wine will probably not stay in any cellar for so long.


Organic wine - processing, Mas Estela, Emporda DO, Rucada

The vines thrive at a height of 120 m on slate terraces that are supported by dry stone walls and should prevent the existing soil is washed into the valley. When cultivating the soil and cultivating the vines, the biodynamic rules are applied, which are also used in winemaking. The harvest takes place in the early morning in cool temperatures by hand. So that the grapes are not damaged before the actual pressing. They taken ti the winery for further processing in plastic case weighing not more than 18 kg. Since the vineyards are in the immediate vicinity of the Mas Estela, it take only a very short time to arrive there. Here, the berries are separated from the panicles, macerated at cold temperature in stainless steel tanks and fermented at 22 ° C only with the grape-own yeasts. This organic wine is bottled without further fining and filtering.


What does rucada mean?

Ruc is the Catalonian name for donkey and the word rucada is associated with them. Because at Mas Estela there are two donkeys that carry the grapes from the less accessible vineyards to the winery during the grape harvest.


The wine at a glance

  • Wine type: red wine, dry
  • Production area: Emporda DO
  • Producer: Mas Estela
  • Grape varieties: Grenache 95%, Syrah 5%
  • Fermentation and aging: in stainless steel vats
  • Bottling: at the wine estate
  • Quantity: 0,75 l
  • Closure: natural cork
  • Vintage: 2017
  • Shelf life: until 2025
  • Alcohol: 15 % vol.
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Allergens: contains sulphites
  • Biodynamic cultivation and vinification
  • Organic wine certified ES-ECO-019-CT
  • We source this organic wine from Mas Estela in 17489 Selva de Mar, Spain.

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