Organic Balsamico condimento rosso, Fattoria degli Orsi, pure, 0.5 l

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Organic Balsamico condimento rosso, Fattoria degli Orsi, 0.5 l


The Organic Balsamico condimento rosso is a tasty, balsamic soft vinegar with a sweet and sour taste. Condimento is the Italian name for seasoning. In fact, it gives your white salads, cooked vegetables or meat dishes a wonderfully harmonious touch. Its price is very moderate, so you can use this Condimento Balsamico produced of organic wine by the Fattoria degli Orsi not only for special occasions, but daily.


Organic  Balsamico Condimento rosso - Profile

  • Color: light brownish with rosé reflection
  • Nose: very fruity with fine acidity, balsamic, fragrant
  • Palate: sour with subtle sweetness, well balanced
  • Grape variety: Grasparossa, Trebbiano Modenese


Processing of the organic Condimento Balsamico rosso

This Condimento Balsamico Rosso is made from the cooked must of organically grown Grasparosa and Trebbiano grapes. Since no preservatives or colouring have been added to it, it can be described as a natural seasoning sauce, which replaces any conventional dressing, especially in combination with good organic olive oil.

We buy the Condimento Balsamico directly from Bellei ind 41017 Casoni di Ravarino in Italy, which carries out the bottling and storage for the Fattoria degli Orsi.

Condimento balsamic certified IT-BIO-006

Biowein[pur] purchases this Condimento Balsamico directly from producer and bottler Bellei in 41017 Casoni di Ravarino in Italiy.

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