Château La Canorgue Cuvée Prestige, red, Mediterranée IGP, organic wine, from € 16,10

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Cuvée Prestige Château La Canorgue, IGP de la Mediterranée, red, organic wine, 2019, from € 16,10


Nathalie Margan continues the winery in the spirit of her father, who sees the basis for good organic wine in flawless and healthy grapes. This is done throughout the year in the vineyards a lot of work. How right this approach is, you can see, smell and taste it  with this red red organic wine Château la Canorgue Prestige one of the best in the region. It has a medium-bodied body, rich, fruity and spicy fragrances and taste components that reveal after decanting (aerating).

Gold medal Intenational wine callenge contest


Organic wine - profile

  • Colour: fresh, rich purple fresh, which turns into ruby red during storage
  • Nose: stimulating fruity-spicy fragrance that is quite typical of the Syrah grape
  • Palate: Red wine dominated by the Syrah grape with intense aromas of red berries and spices. Well structured with neat tannins. Pleasant and long finale
  • Serving suggestion:  Serve at about 16 ° C. Let it breathe for 1 to 2 hours in a wide-bellied carafe so that its flavors can unfold. Please pour carefully into the decanter or into the glass, because during storage a depot could have formed.


Organic wine - processing, Château La Canorgue,  IGP de la Mediterranée, red, Cuvée Prestige

The grapes are traditionally picked by hand. A part is separated from the panicles and fermented spontaneously together with the larger part of the grapes with panicles by means of the so-called semi-carbonique maceration, i.e. with the whole, undamaged berries still on the panicles. Spontaneous fermentation means that no foreign yeasts are added to the grapes, but that fermentation is fermented with the yeasts on the grapes. However, this assumes that the grapes have not been treated with fungicides in the vineyard. Only with these original yeasts of the grapes can the characteristics of the grapes, the soil and the climate be expressed in the organic wine. This is followed by what is known as lactic acid fermentation, in which the more aggressive malic acid contained is converted into the milder and more tolerable lactic acid. This red wine then matures and refines itself in barriques for a few months until it is bottled without filtering.


The organic wine at a glance

  • Wine type: red wine
  • Region of production: Luberon, Provence
  • Wine estate: Château La Canorgue
  • Grape varieties: Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot
  • Aging: in barrels of 500 - 600 Liters
  • Bottling: Château La Canorgue
  • Quantity: 750 ml
  • Vintage: 2019
  • Shelf life: 2028
  • Alcohol : 14,5 % vol.
  • Suited for vegans
  • Allergenes: contains sulfites
  • Certified organic FR-BIO-01
  • We obtain this organic wine directly from the Château La Canorgue in 84480 Bonnieux, France

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