Poggio Trevvalle, Morellino di Scansano Riserva, pure organic red wine, 2015

Poggio Trevvalle, Morellino di Scansano Riserva, pure organic red wine, 2015

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Poggio Trevvalle, Morellino di Scansano Riserva, "Larcille" organic red wine, 2015

This organic wine is named after the village Arcille, which is close to the vineyards.
The wine Larcille is made from Sangiovese grapes with a small percentage of Cabernet and Grenache, all of which are harvested in a vineyard that  was planted in the late Seventies.

The wine is dark purple red with violet hue and almost black center. It has multi-layered fruit fragrances with hints of dark berries, plums and mild spices.  On the palate it is well-structured with medium weight and good length.

Suited for vegans

Grape variety: Sangiovese 90 %, Cabernet Sauvignon und Grenache 10 %

 Alcohol 14.5 % vol.
Contains Sulphites

We source this organic wine directly from Poggio Trevvalle in Campagnatico - Italy

Organic wine certified ICEA B1910T0000; IT-BIO-006


Organic wine processing

Grape picking by hand took place on September 30th. The alcoholic fermentation is made in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks (14° C at the start of fermentation and 28° C at the end).

The malolactic fermentation is done in oak barrels. Maturing 12 months in barrels of varying age and dimension, then a further 6 months in concrete tanks

Maturing in bottle at least 6 months before marketing


Poggio Trevvalle

The vineyard Poggio cultivates 14 hectares of vineyards. They are in the immediate vicinity and consist of more than 85 % of the grapes Sangiovese, Alicante. The remaining 15 % are Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The older vines are in a density of 3,000 per hectare, in the vine from 2,000 newly planted vines, the planting density is 6,000 per hectare.

The Valle brothers work as little as possible on the vineyards with heavy machinery to keep the soil permeable, elastic and non-dense. becomes.

The grape picking is done by hand which guarantees that only the best fruits of the vines get into our wines.


Why organic?


Using the best traditional methods and modern scientific knowledge, Umberto and Bernardo Valle believe that it is important to work with nature and to find a healthy, reciprocal balance between agriculture and nature.


Visitors to the two brothers are asking again and again, what is the difference between organic wine and conventional wine? To summarize, it is mainly the treatment of soil and wine in the vineyard that is different and less of how the wine is treated in the cellar.

So that the soil remains healthy and naturally fertile, the vines are not only healthy, but also produced in the best quality for a first-class wine. In addition, the micro fauna and flora in the soil and in the soil are promoted. In the vineyard, no chemicals are used so that no chemicals enter the grapes. In the winery do not use any of the additives that are contained in conventional wines. Also, the  amount of sulphites used are far below the legally permitted dose. The end result is wines that reflect their origins and not the result of chemical manipulation!

For information and images of the organic vineyard Poggio Trevvalle


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