Mundo de Yuntero, Bodegas Yuntero, pure organic red wine, from € 4,50

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Mundo de Yuntero, Bodegas Yuntero, pure organic red wine, from € 4,50

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Mundo de Yuntero, Bodegas Yuntero, organic red wine, 2017, from € 4,50


Organic wine should be judged by its quality and origin and not by its price. We will explain the origin so that you know how and where this Mundo de Yuntero is made. If you have tasted it, you can rate the quality and you will agree that it smells very pure, tastes very good and it is affordable.


Wine Profile:

  • Color: dark cherry red
  • Nose: fresh scent of berries and cherries
  • Mouth: fruity, medium-bodied, harmonious and dry in the taste.
  • Drink recommendation: enjoy this Mundo de Yuntero wine at 14-15 ° C. It; goes well with light dishes, stews, pasta and rice salads and many other occasions. This wine can be stored for up to 4 years from the vintage.
  • Grape varieties: 70% Tempranillo, 15% Merlot, 15% Syrah. Compared to its predecessors, this Mundo de Yuntero has gained significantly in quality, fruit, vibrancy and contour by adding the Syrah grapes.
  • Alcohol in % Vol: 13


Organic wine processing Mundo de Yuntero, red

The Bodegas Yuntero is a relatively large cooperative with more than 5,000 hectares of vineyards, of which about 580 hectares are farmed organically. It is located in the area of La Mancha in Central Spain. There the climate is hot and dry in the summer, precipitation in the form of rain and very rarely in the form of snow fall during the relatively cold winter months. So from this side, there are ideal conditions for viticulture. The predominantly large-scale and flat vineyards can mostly be processed cost-effectively b< machines. This includes the mechanical harvest of the grapes, which is possible there without loss of quality. In addition, agricultural land costs only a fraction of so-called prestige winegrowing regions. Of course, the winery is equipped with the latest technology.


The wine at a glance

  • Wine type: red wine, dry
  • Area of production: La Mancha
  • Winery: Bodegas Yuntero
  • Netto-Weight in liters: 0,75
  • Shelf life: 4 years from the vintage
  • Removal: stainless steel
  • Bottler: Bodegas Yuntero, 13200 Manzanares, Spain
  • Closure: screw cap
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Allergens: contains sulphites
  • Certified ES-ECO-002-CM
  • We source this wine from the Bodegas Mundo de Yuntero - Jesus del Perdon in 13200 Manzanares, Spain

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