Cantina Pizzolato Prosecco Spumante, DOC, organic sparkling wine dry € 8,80

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1 l = 11.73 €

Cantina Pizzolato, organic Prosecco Spumante, DOC, extra dry, € 8.80


Prosecco is made from grapes of the Glera variety, grown in the Veneto region. From it, still wine, so non-carbonated, frizzante (sparkling wine, sparkling wine tax-free), or spumante (sparkling wine, sparkling wine tax) can be produced in the tank fermentation process. For this organic Cantina Pizzolato Prosecco Spumante better grapes are used and the fermentation lasts longer, resulting in a finer and longer-lasting mousse.


Organic sparkling Wine Profile

  • Colour: Brilliant straw yellow with greenish reflections:
  • Nose: harmonious fruit flavors reminiscent of rennet apples
  • Palate: Creamy, fresh, very balanced, agile with elegant aftertaste
  • Serving suggestions: with 4 - 6 ° C, ideal for cold / hot buffet and cold dishes
  • This Prosecco Frizzante is certified vegan


Organic wine processing Prosecco Sparkling wine

  • Wine type: sparkling wine
  • Region of production: Veneto
  • Producer: La Cantina Pizzolato
  • Grape variety: Glera
  • Fermentation: first and second fermentation in stainless steel tanks under pressure.
  • Bottling: La Cantina Pizzolato
  • Quanity: 0.75 l
  • Closure: Champagne tap
  • Alcohol : 11% vol..
  • Allergens: Contains sulphite
  • Certification IT-BIO-005
  • We source this Prosecco Spumante from the Cantina Pizzolato in Villorba, Italy

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Bio-Prosecco Frizzante "Asolo" DOCG, Cantina Pizzolato, from € 8,80 Bio-Prosecco Frizzante "Asolo" DOCG, Cantina Pizzolato, from € 8,80
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