Torre alle Tolfe Canaiolo Tuscany IGT, red, organic wine, from € 22.00

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Torre alle Tolfe, Canaiolo Tuscany IGT, red, organic wine, 2019, from € 22.00

Single-variety Canaiolo wines are a rarity. A very good one from this grape variety is the Torre alle Tolfe Canaiolo, Tuscany IGT, which did not mature in wooden barrels and can thus present its original, fruity aromas in a velvety soft way.


Organic wine profile

  • Color: dark, bright garnet red
  • Nose: fruity aroma of dark berries
  • Mouth: voluminous, fruity-spicy notes, velvety soft on the palate, long-lasting with a delicate bitter almond note at the end.
  • Serving recommendation: serve with a temperature of 15-17° C.


Organic wine processing, Torre alle Tolfe, Canaiolo Tuscany IGT

Canaiolo is one of the grape varieties allowed to be used in small quantities for the production of Chianti. The dark grapes ripen late, the resulting wines are very color-intensive, with a full body and a velvety taste. Their disadvantage is the low yield, which is why a higher price for Canaiolo wine is to be expected. Presumably that is why it is planted. On wineries where it still exists, it is only used as a cuvée to help improve a wine with color, body and taste.

At Torre alle one wants to preserve the typical Tuscan variety due to its positive properties and to prove it with the varietal expansion. It grows on sandy soil, 5,000 vines are planted there per hectare. Like all grapes from the winery, they are hand-picked, spontaneously fermented with the grape's own yeast in a concrete vat for 30 days and then matured. As a result, their attractive, fruity aromas are preserved unadulterated.
It is used almost exclusively as a blending partner for the Sangiovese.

The label of this wine shows one of the most famous works by the painter Ambrogio Lorenzetti from Siena from 1343, which contrasts the effects of good and bad government. On the right side of the picture you can see a tower, which from its location should be the tower of le Tolfe, with vineyards next to it. 


The organic wine at a glance

  • Type of wine: red wine, dry
  • Region of production: Siena, Tuscany
  • Producer: Torre alle Tolfe
  • Grape variety: 100 % Canaiolo
  • Maturing: in concrete tank
  • Bottling: Torre alle Tolfe
  • Quantity: 0.75 l
  • Closure: Nomacorc
  • Shelf life:  5-6 years from vintage
  • Analysis: Alcohol 14.14% vol., SO2 free 9 mg/l, SO2 total 44 mg/l.
  • Allergenes: contains Sulphites
  • Vegan suited
  • Certified IT-BIO-014
  • We purchase this organic wine directly from Torre alle Tolfe in 53100 Siena, Italy

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Information Nomacorc: Le Nomecorc est fabriqué à partir de matière organique (canne à sucre) sans polyuréthane, solvants ou adhésifs et est recyclable et biodégradable.

Le nomacork n'affecte pas les bons vins en termes de
goût ou d'odeur et convient à la conservation du vin pendant une période allant jusqu'à 25 ans.

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